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Welcome to the CCSDS Management Framework

This online system integrates key CCSDS web-based management activities into one centralized location for easy access.

Only links with a green background are publicly available. Others are available only to CCSDS users with a CWE (Collaborative Work Environment) Profile. If you are a CCSDS Working Group participant and you can’t access these links, register and fill in a profile.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact CCSDS IT Tech Support at

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The following charters are of all CCSDS Working Groups that have been approved by the CCSDS Management Council (CMC). It covers a future period of roughly 24 months and is formally updated approximately once per year to reflect the current program of work for CCSDS.
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Charters By Area
- View All Open Charters Grouped by Area
- View All Open Charters Grouped by Charter # - CSS - SOIS
- View All Closed Charters - SLS - SIS
- CCSDS Operating Plan
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CCSDS Working Groups have a number of projects that seek to accomplish the goals identified in their charters. Interested individuals may investigate what projects each Working Group is currently working on by using the links below.
- Create New Project
- View Existing Projects (Approved & Pending)
- View Draft Projects
- View All Approved, Pending, and Completed Projects (Open Charters Only)
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CCSDS Member Agency's have allocated resources to each CCSDS project. Interested individuals may investigate what resources are aligned with each projects by visiting the link below.
- All Open Projects
(Approved & Pending)
- Projects Approved and Started
(Approved with Start Dates today or earlier)
-Projects Approved but not Started
(Approved Projects which have not started)
- Projects not Approved
- Projects without Complete Resources
(Blue Books Missing either Book Editor, Prototype 1, or 2)


IOAG-CCSDS Product Agreements

The link below represents agreements between the IOAG and CCSDS concerning priorities and schedules of CCSDS products.
- View IOAG-CCSDS Product Agreements
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The CESG and CMC both have different authority and responsibilities when it comes to polling. To view the open polls please use the links below.
- View CMC Polls
- View CESG Polls
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Review System (RIDs)

An important success factor of CCSDS is the role of formal Agency review. The vehicle for such review is the ‘Review Item Disposition’ or ‘RID’. When a document requires formal review, the Secretariat announces the review opportunity to the CCSDS Agencies and provides instructions that define how, when, and to whom the Agency comments (in the form of completed RIDs) are to be submitted.
- View Existing Reviews
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Meeting Registration Rosters

The links below provide the meeting rosters of registrants from the past CCSDS Technical and Management Meetings.
- Fall 2007 - Spring 2012
- Spring 2008 - Fall 2012
- Summer 2008 - Spring 2013
- Fall 2008 - Fall 2013
- Spring 2009 - Spring 2014
- Spring 2010 Tech - Fall 2014
- Spring 2010 CMC - Spring 2015
- Fall 2010 - Fall 2015
- Spring 2011 - Spring 2016
- Fall 2011 - Fall 2016
- Spring 2017 - Fall 2017
- Spring 2018 - Fall 2018
- Spring 2019 - Spring 2020
- Fall 2019 - Fall 2022
- Spring 2023 - Fall 2023
- Spring 2024
Document Status

CCSDS Document Status

Includes the reconfirmation and status information for published CCSDS Documents.
- View CCSDS Document Status

Stategic Plan

CCSDS Strategic Plan

Online Version of the CCSDS Strategic Plan.
- View the CCSDS Strategic Plan
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User Profile System

This user profile information is used my various online CCSDS systems. Each CCSDS CWE user should complete their profile.
- My Profile
- View All Registered Users
- New User Request For ID/Profile
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This Blog has committee postings about Document releases, meeting registration/logistics announcements, press releases, working group announcements, and other general info that the CCSDS teams and the public may be interested in.
- View CCSDS Blog
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CCSDS New Work Items

This is a running list of new initiatives within CCSDS (and by extension, ISO TC20/SC13). This includes the formation of new groups (BOFs and Working Groups), and new projects (documents).
- View CCSDS New Work Items
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CCSDS Rapporteurs

Some CCSDS Member Agencies assign Rapporteurs to the CCSDS Working Groups where they are active.
- View all CCSDS Rapporteurs
Rapporteurs by Member Agency
- JAXA  
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CCSDS Wiki (Prototype)

We are currently developing a CCSDS Wiki and Forum to help the public with access to information about CCSDS technology. This will evolve into a customer support tool for users of CCSDS standards.
- View CCSDS Wiki (Prototype)