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Intergovernmental Cloud-based Certification Authority1.02 Security Working Group1.02 SEA-SECMagentaApproved6/6/2022NASANASACNESNot RequiredCNES, NASACSA, DLR, ESA, UKSA
Revise Cryptographic Algorithms Green Book1.02 Security Working Group1.02 SEA-SECGreen350.9-GApproved12/2/2019NASANot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredESA, NASACSA, CNES, DLR, UKSA
Delta-DOR Architectureal guidelines1.06 Delta-DOR Working Group1.06 SEA-D-DORMagenta506.2Approved12/31/2019NASAFSA, JAXA, NASAFSA
Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format - Issue 21.06 Delta-DOR Working Group1.06 SEA-D-DORBlue506.1Approved7/31/2020ESAESANASAJAXAESA, JAXA, NASAFSA
Time Management Green Book1.07 Time Management Working Group1.07 SEA-TimeGreenApproved8/15/2021NASANot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredESA, NASACNES, DLR
NASA staffing for this has been identified.  ESA has expressed an interest, but staffing has yet to be confirmed.  BoF meetings have regularly included 10-12 individual from NASA, ESA, and DLR.
Tracking Data Message Version 32.02 Navigation Working Group2.02 MOIMS-NAVBlue503.0-B-3Approved11/30/2022NASANASAESACNES, DLR, ESA, JAXA, NASA, UKSA
This project has the potential to require significant agency resources over a standard development period.
CSTS Specification Framework - Update3.06 Cross Support Transfer Services Working Group3.06 CSS-CSTSBlue921.1Approved10/30/2019ESANASANASAESAESA, NASA
Resources are minimal; per Spring 2018 meetings, prototyping effort is to be combined with FF-CSTS prototyping.
SOIS Subnetwork Memory Access Service 5 Year Book Review4.01 Subnetwork Services Working Group4.01 SOIS-SUBNETMagenta852.0ApprovedNASAFSAESA
The books really need to be reviewed as a group and salient use cases applied for deterministic examples, so length of time may seem longer than an independent book review.
“TM Synchronization and Channel Coding” Issue 45.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group5.02 SLS-C&SBlue131.0Approved10/15/2020NASANot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredNASACNSA, ESA
“TM Synchronization and Channel Coding” Issue 55.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group5.02 SLS-C&SBlue131.0Approved1/15/2021NASANASAESANot RequiredESA, NASACNES, DLR
Lossless Data Compression (Issue 3)5.03 Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data Compression Working Group5.03 SLS-MHDCBlue121.0Approved4/30/2020ESAESANASACNES, NASA
Space Packet (SPP) and Encapsulation Packet (EPP) Protocols - Summary of Concept and Rationale5.04 Space Link Protocols Working Group5.04 SLS-SLPGreen130.3Approved6/15/2021NASANot RequiredNot RequiredNot RequiredCNES, DLR, ESA, NASA, UKSA
Expected Monitoring Agencies: All Agencies represented in SLS Area
N.B.: No Prototype is required.
Optical Communications Concepts and Terminologies5.10 Optical Communications Working Group5.10 SLS-OPTGreen140.0Approved12/30/2019ESANot RequiredNot RequiredCNES, DLR, NASAJAXA