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Fragmentation Data Message2.02 Navigation Working Group2.02 MOIMS-NAVBlue508.2Approved09/15/2026ESAOtherCNES, DLR, JAXA, NASA, UKSA
No issues known.
SPACE LINK EXTENSION - Space Link Extension - Forward Space Packet Service Specification Issue 43.06 Cross Support Transfer Services Working Group3.06 CSS-CSTSBlue912.3Approved02/01/202112/30/2022ESANASA
Optical Communications Coding & Synchronization (Issue 2)5.10 Optical Communications Working Group5.10 SLS-OPTBlue142.0Approved06/01/201910/01/2022DLRESACNES, DLR, ESA, JAXA, NASA
Update to Bundle Protocol Specification6.09 Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group6.09 SIS-DTNBlue734.2Approved08/01/202009/01/2023NASANot RequiredESA, JAXADLR, ESA
CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) - Pink Sheets6.12 CFDP Revisions Working Group6.12 SIS-CFDPBlue727.0Approved03/01/2024ESATBDTBDNASA