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This list of rapporteurs is effectively the primary point of contact for that agency in that working group. Not all agencies participate in all working groups, or assign rapporteurs to those working groups. You can contact an agency’s rapporteur by their email address.

1.01 System Architecture Working Group1.01 SEA-SA
1.02 Security Working Group1.02 SEA-SECAiraud, JulienCNES
1.06 Delta-DOR Working Group1.06 SEA-D-DOR
2.01 Data Archive Interoperability Working Group2.01 MOIMS-DAIBoucon, DanièleCNES
2.02 Navigation Working Group2.02 MOIMS-NAVLamy, AlainCNES
2.04 Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group2.04 MOIMS-SM&CBehal, BrigitteCNES
2.07 Mission Planning And Scheduling2.07 MOIMS-MP
3.03 Cross Support Service Management Working Group3.03 CSS-CSSMCiocirlan, ClaudiaCNES
3.06 Cross Support Transfer Services Working Group3.06 CSS-CSTSLassère, FrançoisCNES
4.01 Subnetwork Services Working Group4.01 SOIS-SUBNET
4.02 Application Support Services Working Group4.02 SOIS-APP
4.03 Onboard Wireless Working Group4.03 SOIS-WIR
5.01 RF and Modulation Working Group5.01 SLS-RFMIssler, Jean-LucCNES
5.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group5.02 SLS-C&SMillerioux, Jean-PierreCNES
5.03 Multispectral and Hyperspectral Data Compression Working Group5.03 SLS-MHDCCamarero, RobertoESA
5.04 Space Link Protocols Working Group5.04 SLS-SLPMoury, GillesCNES
5.09 Space Data Link Security WG5.09 SLS-SDLSMoury, GillesCNES
5.10 Optical Communications Working Group5.10 SLS-OPTIssler, Jean-LucCNES
6.08 Motion Imagery and Applications Working Group6.08 SIS-MIA
6.09 Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group6.09 SIS-DTNGelard, PatrickCNES
6.10 Voice Working Group6.10 SIS-VOICE
6.12 CFDP Revisions Working Group6.12 SIS-CFDP