1.01 System Architecture Working Group1.01 SEA-SA
1.02 Security Working Group1.02 SEA-SEC
1.06 Delta-DOR Working Group1.06 SEA-D-DORTakeuchi, HiroshiJAXA takeuchi@isas.jaxa.jp
2.01 Data Archive Interoperability Working Group2.01 MOIMS-DAI
2.02 Navigation Working Group2.02 MOIMS-NAVHinagawa, HideakiJAXA hinagawa.hideaki@jaxa.jp
2.04 Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group2.04 MOIMS-SM&CMiyano, YoshikazuJAXA miyano.yoshikazu@jaxa.jp
2.07 Mission Planning And Scheduling2.07 MOIMS-MP
3.03 Cross Support Service Management Working Group3.03 CSS-CSSMSuzuki, KiyohisaJAXA suzuki.kiyohisa@jaxa.jp
3.06 Cross Support Transfer Services Working Group3.06 CSS-CSTSSuzuki, KiyohisaJAXA suzuki.kiyohisa@jaxa.jp
4.01 Subnetwork Services Working Group4.01 SOIS-SUBNET
4.02 Application Support Services Working Group4.02 SOIS-APP
4.03 Onboard Wireless Working Group4.03 SOIS-WIRAwano, JohtaJAXA awano.johta@jaxa.jp
5.01 RF and Modulation Working Group5.01 SLS-RFMYajima, MasanobuJAXA yajima.masanobu@jaxa.jp
5.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group5.02 SLS-C&S
5.03 Data Compression Working Group5.03 SLS-DC
5.04 Space Link Protocols Working Group5.04 SLS-SLPTomiki, AtsushiJAXA tomiki.atsushi@jaxa.jp
5.09 Space Data Link Security WG5.09 SLS-SDLSSuzuki, KiyohisaJAXA suzuki.kiyohisa@jaxa.jp
5.10 Optical Communications Working Group5.10 SLS-OPTAraki, TomohiroJAXA araki.tomohiro@jaxa.jp
6.08 Motion Imagery and Applications Working Group6.08 SIS-MIA
6.09 Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group6.09 SIS-DTNSuzuki, KiyohisaJAXA suzuki.kiyohisa@jaxa.jp
6.10 Voice Working Group6.10 SIS-VOICEMiyazawa, MasayukiJAXA miyazawa.masayuki@jaxa.jp
6.12 CFDP Revisions Working Group6.12 SIS-CFDPSuzuki, KiyohisaJAXA suzuki.kiyohisa@jaxa.jp