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Total = 302
collapse Charter : 1.01 System Architecture Working Group (Projects = 5)
 CCSDS Application & Support Architecture - Green BookGreen371.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2018
 CCSDS Global Spacecraft Identifier Field: Code Assignment Control Procedures (Issue 7)Magenta320.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/5/2017
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesReference Architecture for Space Data Systems (RASDS), revision 2Magenta311.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started1/19/2024
 Registry Management PolicyYellow313.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/17/2016
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSpace Communication Cross Support Architecture Requirements Document, version 2Magenta901.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved4/28/2023
collapse Charter : 1.02 Security Working Group (Projects = 20)
 CCSDS Authentication CredentialsBlue357.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/30/2019
 CCSDS Cryptographic AlgorithmsBlue352.0Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/1/2013
 CCSDS Cryptographic Algorithms Green BookGreenCCSDS 353.1-G-1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2014
 CCSDS Guide for Secure System InterconnectionGreen350.4All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2018
 CCSDS Key Management GuideGreenTBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2012
 CCSDS Secure Interconnection GuideGreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2007
 CCSDS Security Guide for Mission PlannersGreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/30/2011
 CCSDS Symmetric Key Management RecommendationsMagenta354.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/29/2024
 Information Security GlossaryGreen350.8All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/7/2013
 Information Security Glossary of Terms RevisionMagenta350.8All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/2/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesIntergovernmental Cloud-based Certification AuthorityMagenta357.1ApprovedOn ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing11/04/201912/1/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesNetwork Layer Security Adaptation ProfileBlue356.0ApprovedOn ScheduleProject Completed12/04/20129/28/2018
 Revise Cryptographic Algorithms Green BookGreen350.9All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/7/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesRevise Key Management Green BookGreen350.6ApprovedOn ScheduleFinal WB submitted to AD for further processing07/30/20196/1/2024
 Revise Security Threats against Space Missions Green BookGreen350.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/31/2021
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSecure Software Engineering for Space MissionsMagentaApprovedOn ScheduleFirst Agency Review07/01/202112/15/2024
 Security Architecture for Space Data SystemsMagenta351.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2012
 Security Guide for Mission Planners GB RevisionGreen350.7All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/30/2019
 Security Threats against Space Missions RevisionGreen350.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/5/2015
 The Application of CCSDS Protocols to Secure SystemsGreen350.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2018
collapse Charter : 1.04 Space Assigned Numbers Authority Working Group (Projects = 2)
 Space Assigned Numbers Authority (SANA)-Role, Responsibilities, Policies and Procedures (Yellow Book, Issue 2)YellowCCSDS 313.0-Y (Issue 2)All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2016
 XML Namespace Policy (Yellow Book)Yellow313.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/1/2016
collapse Charter : 1.05 Time Code Formats Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Unsegmented Time code updatesBluePriority 2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/25/2009
collapse Charter : 1.06 Delta-DOR Working Group (Projects = 9)
 Delta-Differential One Way Ranging (Delta-DOR) OperationsMagenta506.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2010
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesDELTA-DIFFERENTIAL ONE WAY RANGING (DELTA-DOR) OPERATIONSMagenta506.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved8/31/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesDelta-DOR Architectural guidelinesMagenta506.2ApprovedBehind ScheduleFinal WB submitted to AD for further processing01/31/20203/31/2023
 Delta-DOR operations - Issue 2Magenta506.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/31/2017
 Delta-DOR Quasar Catalogue developmentMagenta506.3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/31/2017
 Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange FormatBlue506.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/31/2013
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesDelta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format - Issue 2Blue506.1ApprovedOn ScheduleProject not Started6/30/2022
 Delta-DOR Technical Characteristics and PerformanceGreen500.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/31/2013
 Delta-DOR technical Characteristics and performance - Issue 2Green500.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2019
collapse Charter : 1.07 Time Management Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesTime Management Green BookGreen300.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleFinal WB submitted to AD for further processing09/11/20198/15/2021
collapse Charter : 2.01 Data Archive Interoperability Working Group (Projects = 11)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesAudit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories. (ISO 16363) - 5 year reviewMagenta652.0ApprovedOn ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing 208/22/20167/2/2025
 Data Entity Dictionary Specificaton Language (DEDSL) - XML SchemaOrange647.4All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/3/2018
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesInformation Preparation to enable Long Term useMagenta653.0ApprovedOn ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing 204/03/20144/22/2025
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOAIS-IF Core SpecificationBlueApprovedOn ScheduleSecond draft comments due11/15/20227/30/2026
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOAIS-IF Rationale, Scenarios and RequirementsGreenApprovedOn ScheduleSecond draft circulated to WG11/15/20229/5/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOpen Archive Information Systems Interoperability Framework (OAIS-IF) Architecture DefinitionMagenta671.0ApprovedOn ScheduleFinal WB submitted to AD for further processing07/31/201712/17/2025
 Producer Archive Interface Specification TutorialGreen651.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2016
 Producer-Archive Interface Specification (PAIS)Blue651.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2014
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesReference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS) - 5 year reviewMagenta650.0ApprovedOn ScheduleRID Resolution08/22/20167/2/2025
 Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System (OAIS), Issue 2Magenta650.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/1/2012
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesRequirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Candidate Trustworthy Digital Repositories. (ISO 16919) - 5 year reviewMagenta652.1ApprovedOn ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing 212/20/20197/2/2025
collapse Charter : 2.02 Navigation Working Group (Projects = 21)
 Attitude Data Message (ADM) 5 Year Review RevisionBlue504.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2023
 Conjunction Data MessageBlue508.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/15/2013
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesConjunction Data Message 5 Year Review RevisionBlue508.0ApprovedOn ScheduleFirst Agency Review01/14/20199/30/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesFragmentation Data MessageBlue508.2ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started9/15/2026
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesLaunch Data MessageBlue507.1ApprovedOn ScheduleFirst draft comments due06/02/202312/1/2025
 Navigation Data Messages / XML SpecificationBlue505.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2010
 Navigation Data Messages OverviewGreen500.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2020
 Navigation Data Messages Overview Green Book Green500.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/15/2015
 Navigation Data Messages Overview Green Book (V.3)Green500.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/15/2023
 Navigation Data Messages XML Specification Five Year RevisionsBlue505.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2021
 Navigation Data Messages XML Specification V.3Blue505.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/30/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesNavigation Data Messages XML Specification V.4Blue505.0ApprovedOn ScheduleFirst draft circulated to WG01/06/20231/15/2025
 Navigation Data—Definitions and ConventionsGreen500.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2019
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesNavigation Events MessageBlue507.0ApprovedOn ScheduleFirst draft comments due11/07/20172/28/2026
 Navigation Green Book (Version 3 500.0-G-3)Green500.0-G-3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2010
 Orbit Data Message (ODM) 5 Year Review RevisionBlue502.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/30/2023
 Orbit Data Messages (Version 2)Blue502.0-B-2Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/31/2009
 Pointing Requests MessageBlue509.0Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2018
 Re-Entry Data MesssageBlue508.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2019
 Tracking Data Message (TDM) 5 Year Review RevisionBlue503.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/1/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesTracking Data Message Version 3Blue503.0ApprovedOn ScheduleSecond draft comments due05/06/20198/30/2026
collapse Charter : 2.04 Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group (Projects = 26)
 Edit OverviewEdit Dates5Y Review - Mission Operations--Message Abstraction Layer Binding to HTTP Transport and XML EncodingBlue524.3-ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due07/01/20223/1/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit Dates5Y Review -Mission Operations Monitor & Control Services BlueCCSDS 522.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecond draft circulated to WG02/01/20226/30/2024
 Correlated Data GenerationOrangeAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/15/2015
 Mission Operations - Common ServicesBlue522.0TBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/1/2020
 Mission Operations - Message Abstraction Layer (MAL) - B-3Blue521.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/30/2024
 Mission Operations - Message Abstraction Layer Binding to HTTP Transport and XML EncodingBlue524.3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2018
 Mission Operations - Message Abstraction Layer Binding to Space Packet Transport and Binary EncodingsBlue524.1TBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2015
 Mission Operations - Message Abstraction Layer Binding to TCP/IP Transport and Split Binary EncodingBlue524.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/15/2017
 Mission Operations - Message Abstraction Layer Binding to ZeroMQ Message Transport ProtocolBlue524.4All Tasks CompletedProject Completed
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesMission Operations - Mission Product Distribution ServicesBlue522.2ApprovedTBDOn ScheduleRID Resolution01/01/20156/30/2024
 Mission Operations - Monitor & Control ServicesBlue522.1TBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2017
 Mission Operations C++ APIMagenta523.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/30/2018
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesMission Operations File Management ServicesBlueApprovedTBDOn ScheduleFirst draft circulated to WG10/1/2026
 Mission Operations Services Concept (Issue 2)GreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/1/2005
 Mission Operations Services Concept (Issue 3)GreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/15/2010
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesMission Operations Services Concept (Issue 4)GreenApprovedOn ScheduleFirst draft comments due12/01/20166/30/2026
 MO Common Object ModelBlue521.1TBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/21/2012
 MO Message Abstraction LayerBlueAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/31/2010
 MO Message Abstraction Layer - Java APIMagenta523.1TBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/14/2012
 MO Reference ModelMagentaTBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/1/2010
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesMO Reference Model 5yr updateMagenta520.1ApprovedOn ScheduleFirst Agency Review10/19/201811/1/2023
 XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) 1.2Blue660.0TBDAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/1/2019
 XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) CoreGreen660.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2012
 XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) Element DescriptionGreen660.1-G-1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/18/2012
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesXML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) Element DescriptionGreen660.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing04/15/20193/1/2021
 XML Telemetric and Command Exchange (XTCE) Informational ReportGreen660.2 (originally 660.0—renumbered for issue 2)All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/1/2021
collapse Charter : 2.05 Digital Repository Audit and Certification Working Group  (Projects = 2)
 Metrics for Digital Repository Audit and CertificationMagentaAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/1/2010
 Requirements for Bodies Providing Audit and Certification of Digital RepositoriesMagentaAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/31/2011
collapse Charter : 2.06 Telerobotics Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Telerobotic OperationsGreen540.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/30/2016
collapse Charter : 2.07 Mission Planning And Scheduling (Projects = 2)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesMission Planning And Scheduling Blue BookBlue529.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing05/08/20177/1/2024
 Mission Planning And Scheduling Green BookGreen529.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/15/2017
collapse Charter : 3.03 Cross Support Service Management Working Group (Projects = 12)
 Abstract Event Definition -- Data Format for Specifying EventsMagenta902.13All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/15/2021
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCommon Data Entities -- Magenta 2Magenta902.12ApprovedOn ScheduleFirst Agency Review03/21/20222/28/2023
 Cross Support Service Management -- Common Data EntitiesMagenta902.12All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/15/2021
 Cross Support Service Management: Communications Planning Information FormatsBlue902.2Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2022
 Cross Support Service Management: File Transfer, Ground Segment, Recommended ProfileBlue927.1Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/30/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCross Support Service Management: Service Agreement and Service Configuration Profile Data FormatsBlue902.5ApprovedPriority 1On ScheduleFirst draft circulated to WG7/30/2025
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCross Support Service Management: Service Management Utilization Request FormatsBlue902.9ApprovedPriority 1On ScheduleRID Resolution 202/01/20167/30/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCross Support Service Management: Service Package Data FormatsBlue902.4ApprovedPriority 1On ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing 212/15/20177/30/2024
 Cross Support Service Management: Simple Schedule Format Specification Blue902.1Priority 2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/8/2017
 Extensible Space Communication Cross Support Service Management -- ConceptGreen902.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2014
 Service Management Operations Concept Book GreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/15/2010
 Service Management Recommended Standard, Red-3 --> Blue-1BluePriority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2009
collapse Charter : 3.06 Cross Support Transfer Services Working Group (Projects = 30)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCross Support Reference Model—Part 1: Space Link Extension Services update to B-3BlueCCSDS 910.4-B-2ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved1/1/2024
 Cross Support Transfer Services : Return CFDP PDU ServiceOrangeAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/30/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCross Support Transfer Services : Service Control CSTSBlueApprovedPriority 2Behind ScheduleProject Approved9/30/2024
 Cross Support Transfer Services: Forward Frame CSTSBlue922.3Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCross Support Transfer Services--Monitored Data Service Issue 2Blue922.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started10/15/2022
 Cross Support Transfer Service--Tracking Data Service Issue 2Blue922.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/12/2022
 Cross-Support Specification Framework Blue921.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/1/2017
 Cross-Support-Transfer Services Specification Framework ConceptGreen920.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2021
 CSTS Specification Framework - UpdateBlue921.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesFunctional Resource ModelMagenta901.3ApprovedOn ScheduleRID Resolution12/01/202010/1/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesGuidelines for Specification of Cross Support Transfer ServicesMagenta921.2ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Completed11/14/200412/31/2018
 Monitored Data - Cross Support Transfer ServicesBlue922.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/31/2017
 SLE - Forward Space Packet Service Specification. Blue Book : B-2 UpdateBlue912.3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/20/2017
 SLE - Return All Frames Service Specification. Blue Book : B-3 UpdateBlue911.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/12/2017
 SLE - Return Operational Control Field Service Specification. Blue Book : B-2 UpdateBlue911.5All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/12/2017
 SLE Application Program Interface for Return All Frames Service. Magenta Book: M-1 UpdateMagenta915.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/10/2015
 SLE Application Program Interface for Return Channel Frames Service: M-1 UpdateMagenta915.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/10/2015
 SLE Application Program Interface for Return Operational Control Fields: M-1 UpdateMagenta915.5All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/10/2015
 SLE Application Program Interface for the Forward CLTU Service. Magenta Book: M-1 UpdateMagenta916.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/10/2015
 SLE Application Program Interface for the Forward Space Packet Service: M-1 UpdateMagenta916.3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/15/2015
 SLE Application Program Interface for Transfer Services—Core Specification: M-1 UpdateMagenta914.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/10/2015
 SLE —Forward CLTU Service Specification. Blue Book : B-3 UpdateBlue912.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/12/2017
 SLE Return Channle Frames Service Specification. Blue Book : B-2 UpdateBlue911.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/12/2017
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSPACE LINK EXTENSION - Space Link Extension - Forward Space Packet Service Specification Issue 4Blue912.3ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst Prototype Development02/01/202112/30/2022
 SPACE LINK EXTENSION— FORWARD CLTU SERVICE SPECIFICATION Issue 5Blue912.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2023
 Space Link Extension—Internet Protocol for Transfer Services, Recommended Standard, Issue 2Blue913.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/18/2015
 SPACE LINK EXTENSION—RETURN ALL FRAMES SERVICE SPECIFICATION Issue 5Blue911.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2023
 Tracking Data Cross support Transfer Service Blue922.2Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2019
collapse Charter : 3.07 Cross Support Space Communications Architecture Working Group (Projects = 2)
 Space Communications Cross Support Architecture Description DocumentGreen901.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/20/2013
 Space Communications Cross Support Architecture Requirements DocumentMagenta901.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/15/2014
collapse Charter : 4.01 Subnetwork Services Working Group (Projects = 5)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSOIS Subnetwork Device Discovery Service 5 Year Book ReviewMagenta854.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due11/25/2016
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSOIS Subnetwork Memory Access Service 5 Year Book ReviewMagenta852.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecond draft comments due10/01/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSOIS Subnetwork Packet Service 5 Year Book ReviewMagenta851.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst Agency Review12/14/20163/1/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSOIS Subnetwork Synchronization Service 5 Year Book ReviewMagenta853.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due11/01/2016
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSOIS Subnetwork Test Service 5 Year Book ReviewMagenta855.0ApprovedOn ScheduleProject Approved10/13/20179/7/2018
collapse Charter : 4.02 Application Support Services Working Group (Projects = 12)
 CAST Flight Software as a CCSDS Onboard Reference Architecture OrangeAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/15/2021
 Device Access ServiceMagenta871.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/30/2013
 Device Data Pooling ServiceMagenta871.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2012
 Device Enumeration ServiceMagenta874.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2014
 Device Virtualisation ServiceMagenta871.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/5/2014
 Electronic Data Sheets and Common Dictionary of Terms - Overview and RationaleGreen870.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/23/2023
 File and Packet Store ServicesMagenta873.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2012
 Message Transfer ServiceMagenta875.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2012
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesNASA core Flight System (cFS) as a CCSDS Onboard Reference Architecture OrangeApprovedOn ScheduleFirst draft circulated to WG10/01/20202/15/2024
 Specification for Dictionary of Terms for Electronic Data Sheets for Onboard ComponentsMagenta876.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2023
 Time Access ServiceMagentaAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/29/2010
 XML Specification for Electronic Data Sheets for Onboard Devices and Software ComponentsBlue876.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/2/2018
collapse Charter : 4.03 Onboard Wireless Working Group (Projects = 9)
 Proximity Wireless Network CommunicationsBlue883.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/15/2021
 RFID Tag Encoding SpecificationBlue881.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2017
 SOIS Wireless WG Green Book compositionGreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2010
 SOIS-WIR Low data-rate wireless communications for spacecraft monitoring and controlMagenta882.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2013
 SOIS-WIR RFID-Based Inventory Management SystemsMagenta881.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/14/2012
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSpacecraft Onboard Interface Services - Reliable wireless intra-communication for spacecraft and launcher - PHYOrangeApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved12/1/2024
 Wireless Network Communications Overview for Space Mission Operations . Green Book Issue 2Green880.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/10/2014
 Wireless Network Communications Overview for Space Mission Operations, Issue 3Green880.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2017
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesWireless Proximity Network Communications with RoamingBlue883.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved4/1/2022
collapse Charter : 5.01 RF and Modulation Working Group (Projects = 9)
 Bandwidth-Efficient Modulations: Summary of Definition, Implementation, and Performance (UPDATE)Green413.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/15/2018
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesEvolutions of CCSDS recommendations for RF & Modulation systems, part 1Blue401.0ApprovedTBDOn ScheduleSecond draft comments due10/15/200812/30/2023
 Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol—Physical Layer, Issue 4Blue211.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2014
 Pseudo-Noise (PN) Ranging Systems - Issue 3Blue414.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2022
 Pseudo-Noise (PN) Ranging Systems (Review of Issue 1 GREEN BOOK)Green414.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/30/2015
 Pseudo-Noise (PN) Ranging Systems (Review of Issue 1)Blue414.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/30/2015
 Simultaneous Transmission of GMSK Telemetry and PN RangingGreen413.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2017
 Simultaneous Transmission of GMSK Telemetry and PN Ranging - Issue2Green413.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/30/2022
 Update Bandwidth efficient modulation green bookGreen413.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/15/2009
collapse Charter : 5.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group (Projects = 29)
 “TM Synchronization and Channel Coding - Summary of Concept and Rationale, Informational Report” Green Book Issue 3Green130.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/31/2020
 “TM Synchronization and Channel Coding” - New randomizer for high data ratesBlue131.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2023
 “TM Synchronization and Channel Coding” Issue 4Blue131.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/15/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit Dates“TM Synchronization and Channel Coding”, New channel interleaver for TURBO encoderBlue131.0ApprovedOn ScheduleSecond draft circulated to WG10/01/20206/15/2024
 CCSDS Space Link Protocols over ETSI DVB-S2X standardOrange131.31All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/1/2021
 Erasure Correcting Codes for Near-Earth and Deep-Space Communications Orange131.5All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/30/2014
 Flexible Advanced Coding and Modulation Scheme for High Rate Telemetry Applications, Issue 2Blue131.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/18/2022
 Improved Coding Schemes for the Proximity LinkBlue211.2Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2014
 Magenta Book on TM Channel Coding Application ProfilesMagenta131.4All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/1/2011
 Next Generation Uplink CodingBlue231.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/1/2018
 Produce Blue Book for DVB-S2 CodesBlue131.3Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2013
 Produce Blue Book for SCC CodesBlue131.2Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/20/2011
 Proximity-1 Coding & Synchronization Sublayer Modification to support USLP Frame FormatBlue211.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/27/2019
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesProximity-1 extensionBlue211.2-B ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved12/1/2024
 Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol—Coding and Synchronization Sublayer - Issue 2Blue211.2Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2014
 Revision of CCSDS 231.0-B-1 TC Synchronization and Channel Coding. Blue Book. Issue 1. September 2003.Blue231.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/30/2010
 SCCC extensionOrange131.21All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/1/2021
 Short (64, 128, 256 bit ) LDPC codes for uplink Orange231.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2015
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSlicing of transfer framesBlue131.0-BApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started2/1/2024
 Space link protocols over ETSI DVB-S2 standard, Issue 2Blue131.3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/15/2022
 TC Synchronization and Channel Coding (Issue 4) Blue231.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/30/2021
 TC Synchronization and Channel Coding -- Summary of Concept and Rationale, Issue 3 Green230.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/6/2021
 TM Channel Coding for DVB-S2, Green Book Green130.12All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/29/2016
 TM Channel Coding for SCCC, Green BookGreen130.11All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/31/2019
 Update of CCSDS 230.1-G, “TC Sync and Channel Coding Green Book”Green230.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2012
 Update TM channel coding Blue Book with LDPC CodesBlue131.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/20/2011
 Update TM channel coding Blue Book with LDPC slicingBlue131.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/27/2018
 Update TM channel coding green bookGreen130.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/15/2012
 Variable Code and Modulation (VCM) Systems for CCSDSBlue431.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/1/2021
collapse Charter : 5.03 Data Compression Working Group (Projects = 15)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCompression of Raw Synthetic Aperture Radar DataBlue125.0ApprovedOn ScheduleSecond draft circulated to WG06/01/20209/30/2025
 Image Data Compression - Issue 3Green120.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2022
 Image Data Compression, Issue 2Blue122.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/12/2017
 Lossless Data Compression (Issue 3)Blue121.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/19/2020
 Lossless Data Compression (Issue 4)Green120.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/31/2021
 Lossless Data Compression, Issue 2Blue121.0-B-2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/15/2012
 Lossless Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image CompressionBlue123.0-B-1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/18/2012
 Lossless Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image CompressionGreen120.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2015
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesLow-Complexity Lossless & Near-Lossless Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image Compression, Issue 2Blue123.0ApprovedOn ScheduleProject Completed11/10/20156/28/2019
 Low-Complexity Lossless & Near-Lossless Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image Compression, Issue 2Green120.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/30/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesLow-Complexity Lossless & Near-lossless Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image Compression, issue 3Blue123.0ApprovedOn ScheduleProject not Started06/27/20238/1/2025
 Robust Compression of Fixed-Length Housekeeping DataBlue124.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesRobust Compression of Fixed-Length Housekeeping Data Packets - Summary of concept and rationaleGreen120.4ApprovedOn ScheduleFinal WB submitted to AD for further processing09/01/202111/1/2024
 Spectral Pre-Processing Transform for Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image CompressionBlue122.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/7/2017
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSpectral Pre-Processing Transform for Multispectral & Hyperspectral Image CompressionGreen120.3ApprovedOn ScheduleProject Completed05/15/201612/3/2018
collapse Charter : 5.04 Space Link Protocols Working Group (Projects = 26)
 Edit OverviewEdit Dates USLP Blue Book Revisions 3.0Blue732.1-BApprovedN/A - No Tasks CompletedProject Approved01/15/202310/30/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesAdd New Normative Annex: Proximity-1 Link Default Session Access Control Parameters for the Mars and Lunar EnterprisesBlue211.0-B-6ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing06/01/2023
 AOS Space Data Link Protocol Issue 3: 5-year Review + SDLS RqmtBlue732.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2015
 AOS Space Data Link Protocol, Issue 4Blue732.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/12/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesAugmenting Proximity-1 Directive Set for Lunar OperationsBlue211.0-B-6ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing04/15/2023
 Encapsulation Service - Issue 3Blue133.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/30/2020
 Overview of Space Communications Protocols (Issue 3) 130.0 Green BookGreen130.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/24/2014
 Overview of Space Communications Protocols, Issue 4Green130.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/30/2021
 Proximity-1 Green Book Issue 2Green210.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed1/22/2014
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesProximity-1 Green Book Revision G-3Green210.0-G-3ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing12/06/20225/15/2023
 Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol - Data Link Layer (Issue6)Blue211.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2021
 Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol—Data Link Layer - Issue 5Blue211.0Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2014
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSLS Glossary of TermsMagenta707.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecond draft circulated to WG02/15/20197/30/2023
 Space Data Link Protocols Green Book (Issue 3)Green130.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/15/2015
 Space Data Link Protocols Greenbook Issue 2Green130.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/19/2012
 Space Packet (SPP) and Encapsulation Packet (EPP) Protocols - Summary of Concept and RationaleGreen130.3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/15/2023
 Space Packet Protocol, Issue 2Blue133.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/30/2020
 TC Space Data Link Protocol Issue 3: SDLS RqmtBlue232.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2015
 TC Space Data Link protocol, Issue 4Blue232.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/14/2021
 TM Space Data Link Protocol Issue 2: 5-year Review + SDLS RqmtBlue132.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2015
 TM Space Data Link Protocol, Issue 3Blue132.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/26/2022
 Unified Space Data Link Protocol Blue BookBlue732.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/14/2018
 Unified Space Data Link Protocol Blue Book Issue 2Blue732.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/15/2022
 Unified Space Data Link Protocol Green BookGreen700.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesUpdate AOS to Version 5 Blue BookBlue732.0-BApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesUSLP Green Book Version 2Green700.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecond draft comments due12/09/20206/1/2022
collapse Charter : 5.08 Next Generation Uplink Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Next Generation Uplink Application ProfilesGreen230.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/28/2014
collapse Charter : 5.09 Space Data Link Security WG (Projects = 6)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSDLS Extended Procedures Green BookGreen350.11ApprovedBehind ScheduleCMC Approval08/29/201712/15/2022
 Space Data Link Security (SDLS) protocol : extended proceduresBlue355.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/25/2020
 Space Data Link Security Concept of Operation, Issue 1Green350.5All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/21/2018
 Space Data Link Security ProtocolBlue355.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/15/2015
 Space Data Link Security Protocol, Issue 2Blue355.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2021
 Space Data Link Security Protocol--Summary of Concept and Rationale - Issue 2Green350.5All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/15/2022
collapse Charter : 5.10 Optical Communications Working Group (Projects = 11)
 Atmospheric Characterization and Forecasting for Optical Link OperationsMagenta141.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/30/2021
 Atmospheric Characterization for Optical Communications SystemsGreen140.1Priority 2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/30/2017
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCoherent Optical CommunicationsBlueApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOptical Communications Coding & SynchronizationBlue142.0ApprovedPriority 2On ScheduleProject Completed12/28/20138/1/2019
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOptical Communications Coding & Synchronization (Issue 2)Blue142.0ApprovedPriority 1Behind ScheduleSecond draft comments due06/01/201910/1/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOptical Communications Concepts and TerminologiesGreen140.0ApprovedPriority 2On ScheduleFirst draft circulated to WG11/01/201912/30/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOptical Communications Physical LayerBlue141.0ApprovedPriority 2On ScheduleProject Completed12/28/20138/1/2019
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesOptical Communications Physical Layer (Issue 2)Blue141.0ApprovedPriority 1Behind ScheduleSecretariat Document Processing 206/03/20194/1/2022
 Optical High Data Rate (HDR) Communication – 1064 nmOrange141.11All Tasks CompletedProject Completed6/30/2019
 Optical High Data Rate (HDR) Communication – 1550 nmOrange141.10All Tasks CompletedProject Completed9/1/2021
 Reed-Solomon Product Code for Optical CommunicationsOrange142.10All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/17/2023
collapse Charter : 6.05 Asynchronous Message Service Working Group (Projects = 2)
 Asynchronous Message ServiceBluePriority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed5/1/2011
 Asynchronous Message ServiceGreen735.0All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/29/2012
collapse Charter : 6.06 IP Over CCSDS Space Links Working Group (Projects = 1)
 IP over CCSDS Space LinksBlue702.1Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/30/2012
collapse Charter : 6.08 Motion Imagery and Applications Working Group (Projects = 7)
 Digital Motion Imagery (Blue 3)Blue766.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed8/21/2020
 Digital Motion Imagery ApplicationsBlue766.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed4/1/2015
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesMotion Imagery ApplicationsGreen706.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved12/15/2023
 Motion Imagery Quality Standards and Interoperability SpecificationsGreen706.1-GAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/15/2010
 Requirements for Streaming Services over Bundle ProtocolGreen730.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/19/2018
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesSpecifications for Real-time Protocol as transport for voice & videoBlue766.3ApprovedOn ScheduleCMC Approval11/06/20176/1/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesVideo Quality Assessment for Space ApplicationsGreenApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started
collapse Charter : 6.09 Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group (Projects = 15)
 BP Network ManagementBlue734.nPriority 2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/31/2016
 Bundle Protocol for CCSDS (was DTN Protocol)Blue734.2Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed3/30/2015
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesBundle Protocol Security Protocol (BPsec) for CCSDSBlue734.5ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due08/01/20209/1/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesBundle Security Protocol Green BookGreenApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due09/01/20206/1/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCCSDS Bundle Protocol Network ManagementGreen730.3ApprovedBehind ScheduleSecond draft comments due12/18/20178/1/2022
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCCSDS Bundle Protocol Network ManagementBlue734.4ApprovedOn ScheduleSecond draft comments due12/18/20175/1/2025
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCompressed Bundle Status Reporting and Custody SignalingOrangeApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started10/1/2023
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesDTN Multipoint DeliveryOrangeApprovedN/A - No Tasks CompletedProject not Started7/31/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesHigh Performance Reliability Protocol (HPRP)OrangeApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved10/31/2024
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesLicklider Transmission Protocol - 5-year ReviewBlue734.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due01/25/202111/19/2023
 Licklider Transmission Protocol for CCSDSBlue734.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2014
 Rationale, Scenarios, and Requirements for DTN in SpaceGreenCCSDS 734.0-G-1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/31/2010
 Schedule-Aware Bundle Routing (was Contact Graph Routing) for CCSDSBlue734.3Priority 3All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2019
 Solar System Internetwork Architecture DocumentGreen730.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed7/1/2014
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesUpdate to Bundle Protocol SpecificationBlue734.2ApprovedBehind ScheduleFirst draft comments due08/01/20209/1/2023
collapse Charter : 6.10 Voice Working Group (Projects = 3)
 Green Book UpdateGreen706.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed12/31/2018
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesVoice and Audio CommunicationsBlue766.2ApprovedOn ScheduleProject Completed05/03/201012/30/2017
 Voice WG Green BookGreenAll Tasks CompletedProject Completed11/1/2010
collapse Charter : 6.11 CFDP over the CCSDS Encapsulation Service (Projects = 1)
 Operation of CFDP over Encapsulation ServiceMagenta722.1Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed2/1/2014
collapse Charter : 6.12 CFDP Revisions Working Group (Projects = 5)
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) - Pink SheetsBlue727.0ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject Approved3/1/2024
 CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Update -- Blue BookBlue727.0Priority 1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2020
 CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Update -- Implementer's GuideGreen720.2All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2020
 CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Update -- Introduction and OverviewGreen720.1All Tasks CompletedProject Completed10/1/2020
 Edit OverviewEdit DatesCFDP Unitdata Transfer LayersMagenta722.1ApprovedBehind ScheduleProject not Started3/1/2024