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collapse Charter :  (Projects = 1)
 Proximity Link Default Session Access Control Parameters for the Mars and Lunar Enterprises - A Utilization Profileā€OrangeDraftNo
collapse Charter : 1.01 System Architecture Working Group (Projects = 5)
 CCSDS Glossary updates (SANA)YellowDraftNo
 CCSDS XML GuidelinesYellowDraftNo
 Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems (Issue 2)MagentaDraftNo
 Reference Architecture for Space Information Management (RASIM) Green BookGreenDraftNo
 Reference Information Architecture, Infrastructure Services and InterfacesMagentaDraftNo
collapse Charter : 1.02 Security Working Group (Projects = 2)
 Network Layer Security over Space PacketsBlueDraftNo
 Revise Cryptographic Algorithm BBBlueDraftYes
collapse Charter : 1.04 Space Assigned Numbers Authority Working Group (Projects = 1)
 CCSDS XML Namespace RFC (Internet Draft)YellowDraftNo
collapse Charter : 1.06 Delta-DOR Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Delta-DOR Technical Characteristics and PerformanceGreenDraftNo
collapse Charter : 1.07 Time Management Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Time Service Architecture (Magenta Book)MagentaDraftNo
collapse Charter : 2.01 Data Archive Interoperability Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Producer Archive Interface Protocol (PAIP)BlueDraftNo
collapse Charter : 2.02 Navigation Working Group (Projects = 2)
 Navigation Composite MessageBlueDraftYes
 Navigation Hardware MessageBlueDraftPriority 3No
collapse Charter : 2.04 Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Working Group (Projects = 8)
 Correlated Data GenerationOrangeDraftNo
 Mission Operations Automation ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
 Mission Operations Navigation ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
 Mission Operations Planning ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
 Mission Operations Remote Buffer Management ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
 Mission Operations Scheduling ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
 Mission Operations Software Management ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
 Mission Operations Time ServicesBlueDraftTBDNo
collapse Charter : 2.06 Telerobotics Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Telerobotic Standard (Blue Book)BlueDraftNo
collapse Charter : 2.07 Mission Planning And Scheduling (Projects = 2)
 Mission Planning and Scheduling (Issue 2)GreenDraftYes
 Mission Planning and Scheduling Information ModelMagentaDraftYes
collapse Charter : 3.03 Cross Support Service Management Working Group (Projects = 7)
 Cross Support -- Service Management Automation Support HandlingOrangeDraftPriority 3No
 Cross Support Service Management: Best PracticesMagentaDraftNo
 Cross Support Service Management: Event Sequence Data FormatBlueDraftPriority 1No
 Cross Support Service Management: Service AccountingBlueDraftPriority 3No
 Cross Support Service Management: Service CatalogMagentaDraftPriority 3No
 Z 5-Year Refresh::Extensible Space Communication Cross Support--Service Management--ConceptGreenDraftNo
 Z 5-Year Refresh::Space Communications Cross Support--Architecture Description DocumentGreenDraftNo
collapse Charter : 4.02 Application Support Services Working Group (Projects = 4)
 Configuration Object Electronic Data SheetsOrangeDraftNo
 SAVOIR as a CCSDS Onboard Reference Architecture OrangeDraftNo
 XML Specification for Electronic Data Sheets (Pink Sheets)BlueDraftNo
collapse Charter : 4.03 Onboard Wireless Working Group (Projects = 4)
 RFID Tag Encoding Specification for GS1-EPC CompatibilityUnknownDraftNo
 Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services - RFID Sensing Recommended StandardBlueDraftNo
 Spacecraft Onboard Interface Services - RFID-Based Inventory Management Systems, Security Enhancements, Issue 2MagentaDraftNo
 Wireless Network Communications Overview for Space Mission OperationsGreenDraftNo
collapse Charter : 5.01 RF and Modulation Working Group (Projects = 4)
 Data Transmission and PN Ranging for 2 GHz CDMA Link via Data Relay SatelliteBlueDraftNo
 Planetary Communications System GreenDraftNo
 RF & Modulation Recommendations for Data Relay and Intersatellite Links (401 Part 2)BlueDraftNo
 Simultaneous Transmission of GMSK Telemetry and PN Ranging GreenDraftNo
collapse Charter : 5.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group (Projects = 2)
 Link Budget Digital Format (LBDF)OrangeDraftYes
 VCM green bookGreenDraftNo
collapse Charter : 5.09 Space Data Link Security WG (Projects = 2)
 Security at the Phyical LayerBlueDraftNo
 Triple Key Encapsulation Mechanisms (KEM)BlueDraftYes
collapse Charter : 5.10 Optical Communications Working Group (Projects = 1)
 Optical communications physical layer and coding and synchronization sublayerGreenDraftNo
collapse Charter : 6.09 Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group (Projects = 4)
 SSI Cross-Support and AdministrationGreenDraftNo
 Update Asynchronous Message Service Green BookGreenDraftNo
 Update Asynchronous Message Service SpecificationBlueDraftNo
 Update DTN Rationale and Requirements Green BookGreenDraftNo