Dec 10
Call for Interest to create a new BoF: Diversity Error Correction (DEC) – Recovery of data, using data received down diverse channels

​Please respond by January 31 if you are interested in participating in a propose DEC Working Group. 

CCSDS plans to gather interest within its broad community to create a new BoF on the subject of DEC. This potential birds of a feather (BOF) will be held at the Spring 2014, ESA/ESTEC Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands. meetings, if enough interest is shown.  

The BOF will assess the business case for forming a working group that will create international standards on this topic.  The concept is that such standards will enable cross-support between international partners allowing recovery of original data when corrupted data is received in multiple copies via diverse downlinks and communications systems.  When some of the transport is provided by agencies other than the source/destination agency (or organization), this standard will enhance the ability to correct errors and recover the original data.   

The first BoF session will include the already available concept paper, the different techniques for combining correlated and corrupted data at bit/symbol/frame level via frame synchronization and the different approaches to build a error-free output. In addition the BoF will analyze the potential operational scenarios, determine the best potential standardization deliverables, and assess resources required for production of the likely standardization deliverables.   

The concept paper can be found here​

Contact: Nestor Peccia


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