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The CCSDS Blog – General Announcements

Jan 15
3 New CCSDS Books Published

Optical High Data Rate (HDR) Communication--1064 NM . Orange Book. Issue 1. December 2018.
This Experimental Specification contains the technical specification for implementing the Physical Layer and the Coding and Synchronization (sub)layer of optical communication systems. It is based on the High Data Rate (HDR) scenario implemented in ESA missions (EDRS series, Sentinel series).
Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer--C++ API. Magenta Book. Issue 1. December 2018.
This Recommended Practice defines a C++ API for the Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer specified in CCSDS 521.0-B-2.
Voice Communications. Green Book. Issue 2. December 2018.
This CCSDS Informational Report presents an overview of voice communications in use in human spaceflight.

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