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The CCSDS Blog – General Announcements

Jul 09
5 New CCSDS Books Published
CCSDS Recommended Procedures for Cloud-Based Interoperability Testing. Yellow Book - CCSDS Normative Procedures. Issue 1. June 2018.
This CCSDS Record specifies a recommended practice for performing inter-agency CCSDS standards interoperability testing using cloud technologies.
Space Data Link Security Protocol--Summary of Concept and Rationale. Green Book. Issue 1. June 2018.
This Informational Report presents the concept and rationale for the CCSDS Recommended Standard on the Space Data Link Security Protocol.
Network Layer Security Adaptation Profile. Blue Book. Issue 1. June 2018.
This CCSDS Recommended Standard provides the basis for Network Layer security for missions utilizing the Internet Protocol (IP), including missions using IP over CCSDS Space Links.
Mission Operations--Message Abstraction Layer Binding to HTTP Transport and XML Encoding. Blue Book. Issue 1. June 2018.
This Recommended Standard specifies the binding between the Mission Operations (MO) Message Abstraction Layer (MAL) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and defines an XML encoding for MAL data types.
Mission Planning and Scheduling. Green Book. Issue 1. June 2018.
This Informational Report documents mission planning scenarios, use cases, and deployment architectures relevant to the creation of standards for mission planning and scheduling.

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