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Feb 26
5 New CCSDS Books Published

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Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems--Part 1: Earth Stations and Spacecraft. Blue Book. Issue 28. February 2018.
Numerous concise recommendations appear in the notebook volume bearing the number 401.0-B. Each recommendation is dated, and the most recent revision is shown in the table of contents. These Recommendations are developed for conventional near-Earth and deep-space missions having moderate communications requirements. The current issue updates recommendations 2.1.4A and 2.1.4B, deletes recommendations 2.1.8A and 2.1.8B, and adds new recommendation 2.6.11A.
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Bandwidth-Efficient Modulations--Summary of Definition, Implementation, and Performance. Green Book. Issue 3. February 2018.
This Report contains technical material to supplement the CCSDS Recommendations for the standardization of modulation methods for high symbol rate transmissions generated by CCSDS Member Agencies.
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Delta-Differential One Way Ranging (Delta-DOR) Operations. Magenta Book. Issue 2. February 2018.
This Recommended Practice specifies a set of standard practices and message formats for use in the navigation technique known as Delta Differential One-Way Ranging (Delta-DOR). The current issue adds clarifications, adds a subsection on quantitative validation criteria, renames 'Service Request' to 'Support Request', adds Support Request specifications, adds examples of Support Requests as new annex, deletes section 7 in favor of reference to the Delta-DOR Quasar Catalogue.
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Delta-DOR Quasar Catalog Update Procedure. Magenta Book. Issue 1. February 2018.
This Recommended Practice provides specifications for a quasar catalogue to be used in Delta-DOR measurements; description of the catalogue update process; procedures and qualitative criteria to evaluate whether the updates of such catalogues are acceptable; description of the registries to be included in a quasar catalogue; and rules to update SANA entries.
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Pointing Request Message. Blue Book. Issue 1. February 2018.
This Recommended Standard defines the Pointing Request Message (PRM), a standardized format that allows space agencies and operators to exchange information about requested (sequences of) changes to the attitude of the spacecraft or to an articulated spacecraft component.

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