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Dec 05
3 New CCSDS Books Released

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Voice and Audio Communications . Blue Book. Issue 1. November 2017.
This Recommended Standard specifies the technologies, services, and service interfaces for real-time or near real-time voice and audio communications among terrestrial facilities and space systems in support of the mission operations of space flight. 
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Mission Operations--Message Abstraction Layer . Blue Book. Issue 1. November 2017.
This CCSDS Recommended Standard specifies a binding of the Mission Operations Message Abstraction Layer (MAL) to TCP/IP using a split binary encoding for MAL data types. 
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CCSDS Spacecraft Identification Field Code Assignment Control Procedures. Magenta Book. Issue 7. November 2017.
This Recommended Practice defines the procedures governing assignment, relinquishment, and management of CCSDS Spacecraft Identification (SCID) codes. The current update adds frequency band as a qualifier for SCID assignment, names the SCID qualified by version number and frequency band the Qualified SCID (Q-SCID), and replaces the outdated hard-copy request form with instruction to use the online form on the Space Assigned Numbers Authority (SANA) Web site.

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