The CESG and CMC both have different authorities and responsibilities when it comes to polling. 

To view the open polls please use the links on the Left. finding-voice-of-customer.jpg

Overview - To arrive at a consensus among the CCSDS leadership, a mechanism for formally voting on issues of interest is provided by the Secretariat. Members participate in formal polling intended to result in CMC and CESG resolutions. Although the CMC, CESG, and many of the technical forums are held only twice a year, standards development must continue on a daily basis. The ability to poll CMC and CESG members in a worldwide environment on a timely basis is essential to the day-to-day operations of the CCSDS. Therefore, an online polling capability is provided to conduct business in a virtual work environment between semiannual meetings.

Please contact the CCSDS Secretariat if you have any questions or require polling support: