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May 30
5 New CCSDS Books Published

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Real-Time Weather and Atmospheric Characterization Data. Green Book. Issue 1. May 2017.
This Informational Report identifies and describes the atmospheric constituents that are most responsible for transmission losses in optical communications links at wavelengths near 1550 and 1064 nm. Considerations concerning the temporal measurement of the atmospheric parameters are discussed, along with the possible ways the data can be used for long-term ETS characterization and real-time operations, including handover prediction support.
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Simultaneous Transmission of GMSK Telemetry and PN Ranging. Green Book. Issue 1. May 2017.
This Informational Report is an adjunct document to the CCSDS Recommended Standard for Pseudo-Noise (PN) Ranging Systems (CCSDS 414.1-B-1). It provides background information and discussion of technical details related to the PN ranging systems defined by the CCSDS Recommended Standard.
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Wireless Network Communications Overview for Space Mission Operations. Green Book. Issue 3. May 2017.
This Informational Report contains background and explanatory material to support the CCSDS wireless network communications Best Practices for networked wireless communications in support of space missions. It examines the possibilities and advantages of the onboard application of wireless communications technology to space missions, describes a set of driving use cases in the space domain, and evaluates the utilization of existing technologies and related terrestrial commercial standards to meet the resulting space-based use case requirements. Also included is relevant tutorial information intended to assist the reader in understanding basic concepts of wireless transmission and networking along with possible issues related to the deployment of wireless networks.
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Cross Support Transfer Service--Specification Framework. Blue Book. Issue 1. April 2017.
This Recommended Standard defines the various logical components required for specifying Cross Support Transfer Services.
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Cross Support Transfer Services--Monitored Data Service. Blue Book. Issue 1. April 2017.
This Recommended Standard defines the Monitored Data Cross Support Transfer Service (CSTS), which allows a spaceflight mission to receive cyclic reports on, and to query the current values of, the parameters that are pertinent to cross support services being provided by a Cross Support Complex. The Monitored Data service also allows a spaceflight mission to receive notifications of the occurrence of events of interest associated with the services that are being provided by a Cross Support Complex.

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