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Add New Normative Annex: Proximity-1 Link Default Session Access Control Parameters for the Mars and Lunar Enterprises



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5.04 Space Link Protocols Working Group

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This new normative annex defines specific default communication parameters that details the protocol option space for specific Enterprises. It specifically defines the default proximity session communication parameters for proximity-1 SDLP; Session Establishment (currently achieved via Hailing) and Moving onto a Working Channel. It will document the de-facto the Prox-1 default link Establishment and Working Channel parameter values used at Mars and document the emerging default Link Establishment and Working Channel parameters for Lunar

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Survey indicated there are no other documents within CCSDS like this proposed Normative Annex to Prox-1 SDLP


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NASA contractor (Vulcan Wireless) is implementing Lunar Lander/Rover proximity radio.

Prototype 2


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ESA contractor (SSTL) is implementing Lunar Orbiter proximity radio.

Prototype 3

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Implementations are underway by both contractors so it behooves CCSDS to provide guidance to both of them by means of this Normative Annex to Prox-1 SDLP as soon as possible.


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Project ApprovedOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/12/2023
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First Draft Circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/29/2023
First Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet6/26/2023
Second draft circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet7/31/2023
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Final WB Submitted to AD for Further ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet9/11/2023
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CMC ApprovalOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet11/10/2023
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