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The Functional Resource Model Recommended Practice (a) defines the concepts and organizing principles of Functional Resources, (b) identifies the sets of functional resources needed to model the functions of an Earth Space Link Terminal (ESLT, commonly known as a ground station), (c) specifies the behavior of each of the Functional Resources, and (d) provides the necessary linkages into the SANA Functional Resource registry, which defines the set of parameters, events, and directives for each Functional Resource and assigns Object Identifiers to each of them. The concept of Functional Resources is fundamental to Cross Support Service Management (CSSM) and to several CSTSes. Functional Resources are abstract, standardized representations of the behavior, parameters, events, and directives of systems that conform to various Recommended Standards and other international standards relevant to space communications and navigation. Functional Resources are the building blocks for the definition of cross support service configurations, and they define the standardized monitored data that can be obtained regarding such service configurations.

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The concept of Functional Resources is inspired by the managed objects of the Internet Protocol Suiteā€™s Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and ISO Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Systems Management. As with those non-CCSDS standards, Functional Resources make extensive use of ISO Object Identifiers for formal and globally-unique identification.


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