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Space Data Link Security Protocol, Issue 2



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5.09 Space Data Link Security WG

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This Recommended Standard specifies a security protocol for CCSDS data links. The protocol provides a security header and trailer along with associated procedures that may be used with the CCSDS Telemetry, Telecommand, and Advanced Orbiting Systems Space Data Link Protocols to provide a structured method for applying data authentication and/or data confidentiality at the Data Link layer. Issue 2 of the document will include changes in order to 1) enable use of USLP frames, 2) reflect AES key length change for baseline mode, 3) reference the recently approved Blue Book for Extended Procedures, 4) clarify and complete a few specifications.

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Project ApprovedOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet6/15/2020CMC-P-2020-07-003 Approval of New Project in the 5.09 Space Data Link Security WG
Project Start DateOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet6/20/2020
Internal WG Review
First Draft Circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet6/30/2020
First Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet10/1/2020
Second draft circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet10/15/2020
Second Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet11/30/2020
Final WB Submitted to AD for Further ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet1/10/2021Final draft delivered to SEA+SLS ADs
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Secretariat Document ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet3/1/2021
First Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue Bullet4/30/2021
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/30/2021
Secretariat Document Processing 2Magenta BulletBlue Bullet5/30/2021No additional review expected
Final Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/30/2021No additional review expected
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/30/2021No additional review expected
First Prototype DevelopmentBlue Bullet5/30/2021Not required
Second Prototype DevelopmentBlue Bullet5/30/2021Not required
CMC ApprovalOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet9/30/2021
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Version: 279.0
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