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CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Update -- Blue Book



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6.12 CFDP Revisions Working Group

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The working group will accomplish the mandated 5-year reconfirmation review of the CCSDS File Delivery Protocol (CFDP) Blue Book. To this end, the working group will consider a number of proposed revisions to CFDP (listed below) and thereupon apply to the specification some agreed-upon subset of those revisions; will perform interoperability testing between two independently developed implementations of the changes incorporated into the revised CFDP Blue Book, to ensure that the revised specification can be successfully implemented. The following CFDP revisions have been proposed: • Remove the Extended Procedures, which are unused. • Relocate the Store and Forward Overlay User Operation (SFO) to a normative annex. (This could be a step toward eventually deprecating SFO in favor of operating CFDP over a Bundle Protocol unitdata transfer layer.) • Provide a way of using CFDP to transfer files that are larger than 4 GB. • Increase the maximum file data segment size, to reduce per-segment processing overhead. • Add per-segment metadata to increase the utility of individually received file data segments prior to reassembly of an entire file. • Enable file record boundaries to be encoded in file data segments, so that a record may span multiple segments or multiple records may be aggregated into a single segment. • Define additional standard service classes that include different subsets of CFDP functionality. • Add more Delivery Code values to make the Finished PDU more informative in proxy operations. • Add the ability to aggregate the Finished information for multiple transactions into a single segment. • Standardize the format for listing the contents of a remote directory. In developing the agreed-upon revisions the working group will preserve backward compatibility with existing CFDP implementations to the extent possible.

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Project ApprovedOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet10/1/2013
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First Draft Circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet4/1/2014
First Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/1/2014
Second draft circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet7/1/2014
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Final WB Submitted to AD for Further ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet9/1/2014
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First Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue Bullet1/1/2015
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/1/2015
Secretariat Document Processing 2Magenta BulletBlue Bullet6/1/2015Pending completion of inter-operability testing
Final Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue Bullet8/1/2015
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue Bullet10/1/2015
First Prototype DevelopmentBlue Bullet2/1/2016NASA implementation in "ION" version 3.4.0
Second Prototype DevelopmentBlue Bullet2/1/2016CNSA (BITTT) developed second implementation
CMC ApprovalOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/1/2016
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