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Erasure Correcting Codes for Near-Earth and Deep-Space Communications



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5.02 Space Link Coding and Synchronization Working Group

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The focus of this project is on the applicability of erasure codes in space communications, to grant future missions of higher communication reliability. In particular, the expected outcome is to produce an orange book reporting the application scenarios and proposing the design of possible erasure coding candidates. Finally, also indications about the protocol extensions which would be required upon the code design will be also investigated and documented in the orange book.

Applicable Patents

There are patent issues in this work area, but appropriate ISO forms have been submitted indicating RAND licensing policy by the patent holder or licensor (explain in comments).

Patent Comments

German Patent DE102011103564B3 applicable to encoding. For decoding the existence of Patents WO002012025457A1, US020090292966A1, and DE102009017540A1 is reported. ISO forms are available for these 4 patents.

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Note - Red Books are Draft Blue/Magenta Books

Schedule Milestones
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Original Completion Date
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(Date in M/D/YYYY format.)
Project ApprovedOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet1/31/2011CMC-P-2011-01-003 - 10 February 2011
Project Start DateOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet2/10/2011
Internal WG Review
First Draft Circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet3/30/201130 March 2011 - For discussion at Spring 2011 Meetings
First Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet7/30/201115 December 2011
Second draft circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet9/30/201130 March 2012 - For discussion at Spring 2012 Meetings
Second Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet12/15/2011For finalization after Spring 2014 Meeting
Final WB Submitted to AD for Further ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet8/30/2012After Spring 2014 Meeting
External Milestones
Secretariat Document ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet9/30/2012CESG-P-2014-08-004 - 21 August 2014
First Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue BulletN/A
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue BulletN/A
Secretariat Document Processing 2Magenta BulletBlue BulletN/A
Final Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue BulletN/A
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue BulletN/A
First Prototype DevelopmentBlue BulletN/A
Second Prototype DevelopmentBlue BulletN/A
CMC ApprovalOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet11/30/2012Winter 2014
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Version: 364.0
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