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Proximity Wireless Network Communications



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4.03 Onboard Wireless Working Group

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Develop, specify, and standardize wireless networked communications for space agency utilization via a “Wireless Communications for Exploration Missions” Blue Book recommended standard. NASA has invested in associated standardization activities for Wireless Proximity Netwrok Communications via an Orange Book activity since 2017. In Fall 2019, CSA agreed to be the agency for Prototype #2 required for a Blue Book. As a result of the previous forward-looking investment and activities of NASA, this Blue Book activity is appropriately fast-tracked for availability for Gateway and Lunar Surface Exploration Missions. As of 1/15/2020 both agency prototypes (NASA, CSA) are operational. NASA and CSA are indeed ready to start interoperability testing with the approval of the Blue Book project. Why this is important: Required to enable multi-agency interoperability for ISS proximity EVA/IVA/Robotics, for intra-spacecraft communications and sensing, and for Exploration-class internal & external vehicle proximity, including surface, communications (e.g., robotics, habitat, and EVA). It is necessary to perform this work now rather than later to avoid future interoperability issues and resulting operational impacts. Expected benefits: Improved crew operations, enhanced safety, increased science return, decreased costs

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The goal of the Blue Book effort is to recommend applicable wireless network standards including 3GPP and IEEE and standardize applicable protocols (such as 4G, LTE, 5G, 802.11ax, etc.) in support of exploration-class space missions.


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Since 2017, NASA has led a directly related Orange Book effort. At the Fall 2019 CCSDS meetings in Darmstadt, CSA committed to supporting a Blue Book effort and has provided resources in the form of a subcontract to Simon Fraser University for the CSA prototype effort required for inter-agency interoperability testing.


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Project ApprovedOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet2/15/20202/28/20203/2/2020Target start date for Blue Book activity; leverages all workwork to date in the Orange Book activity
Project Start DateOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet2/15/20202/15/20202/15/2020NASA started the Orange Book activity in 2017 which will be transitioned to a Blue Book under this proposed activity. Initial interoperability testing between NASA and CSA has already started
Internal WG Review
First Draft Circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet3/1/20203/1/20203/1/2020Agressive timeline, leverages previous NASA-led Orange Book
First Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet4/1/20204/1/20204/1/2020Agressive timeline, leverages previous NASA-led Orange Book
Second draft circulated to WGOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet5/1/20205/1/20205/1/2020Agressive timeline, leverages previous NASA-led Orange Book
Second Draft Comments DueOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet6/1/20206/1/20207/1/2020Agressive timeline, leverages previous NASA-led Orange Book, NASA and CSA Prototypes are operational
Final WB Submitted to AD for Further ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet6/15/20206/15/20207/8/2020Agressive timeline, leverages previous NASA-led Orange Book, NASA and CSA Prototypes are operational
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Secretariat Document ProcessingOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet7/1/20202/1/20212/15/2021Updated estimate 02-Mar-2021
First Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue Bullet8/1/20205/7/20215/7/2021Updated estimate 02-Mar-2021
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue Bullet9/1/20206/1/20216/1/2021Updated estimate 02-Mar-2021
Secretariat Document Processing 2Magenta BulletBlue Bullet10/1/20206/15/20216/15/2021Updated estimate 02-Mar-2021
Final Agency ReviewMagenta BulletBlue Bullet10/1/20206/15/20216/15/2021Hope not necessary
RID ResolutionMagenta BulletBlue Bullet11/1/20207/15/20217/15/2021Hope not necessary
First Prototype DevelopmentBlue Bullet1/15/20201/15/20201/15/2020NASA (Nokia MCN) prototype operational
Second Prototype DevelopmentBlue Bullet1/15/20201/15/20201/15/2020CSA (Star Solutions) prototype operational
CMC ApprovalOrange BulletGreen BulletMagenta BulletBlue Bullet12/31/20206/15/20212/17/2022
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