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Evolutions of CCSDS recommendations for RF & Modulation systems, part 1



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5.01 RF and Modulation Working Group

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Recommendations for Radio Frequency and Modulation Systems, Part 1, focus upon the standardization of RF and modulation systems for Earth stations and spacecraft.  These Recommendations do not provide specific designs. Rather they describe certain capabilities and provide technical characteristics in sufficient detail so that an agency may design compatible equipment.  Guidelines are also provided for the use of agencies’ RF and modulation systems, as well as their use of the RF spectrum. Because an ability to provide cross support implies some standardization of design and operations, certain procedural Recommendations have been included to assist in these areas.
Recommendations are assigned to one of three sections depending upon whether their primary focus is technical, policy, or procedural in nature.  These Recommendations are intended to promote an orderly transition to RF and modulation systems that are internationally compatible. The CCSDS believes that this course will not only assure better engineering practices but, also, that it will facilitate international cross support agreements.  These recommendations are gathered in CCSDS document 401.0-B. This blue book is regularly updated and complemented by the RF & Modulation WG to either incorporate new recommendations (e.g. : modulation types for new frequency bands), or to reflect evolving techniques for existing frequency bands and mission types.  The CWE Project for the Evolutions of CCSDS recommendations for RF & Modulation systems, part 1 will update the document according to the evolving issues identified in the RFM Charter.

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