ITR 121x0b2-Y CCSDS Lossless Data Compression—Independent Compressor Implementations.doc
11/14/2012 1:14 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:19 AMTom Gannett81 KB  
ITR 123x0b1-Y CCSDS Lossless Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Compression—Independent Compressor Implementations.doc
11/14/2012 1:15 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:21 AMTom Gannett548 KB  
ITR 415x1b1-Y Independent Validations of Data Transmission and PN Ranging for 2 GHz CDMA Link via Data Relay Satellite.doc
11/14/2012 1:15 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:18 AMTom Gannett101 KB  
ITR 131x2b1-Y Independent Validations of SCCC Flexible Advanced Coding and Modulation Scheme for High Rate.doc
11/14/2012 1:15 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:21 AMTom Gannett111 KB  
ITR 301x0b4-Y Time Code Formats—Interoperability Test Results for CCSDS Unsegmented Time Code Modifications.doc
11/14/2012 1:15 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:18 AMTom Gannett89 KB  
ITR 702x1b1-Y IP over CCSDS—Interoperability Test Results for Encap and Space Link Identifiers Modifications.doc
11/14/2012 1:15 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:19 AMTom Gannett260 KB  
ITR 661x0b1-Y XML Formatted Data Unit (XFDU) Interoperability Testing.doc
11/14/2012 1:16 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:17 AMTom Gannett2134 KB  
ITR 735x0g1-Y Asynchronous Message Service (AMS)—Interoperability Test Plan and Report.doc
11/14/2012 1:19 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:22 AMTom Gannett173 KB  
ITR 505x0b1-Y NDMXML Prototyping Test Plan and Report.doc
11/14/2012 1:21 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:16 AMTom Gannett1377 KB  
ITR 521x0b1-Y Spacecraft Monitoring and Control Prototyping Test Plan and Report.doc
11/14/2012 1:26 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:11 AMTom Gannett592 KB  
ITR 910x11b1-Y Space Communications Service Management Prototype Test Plan and Report.doc
11/14/2012 1:30 PMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:17 AMTom Gannett2477 KB  
ITR 352x0b1-Y CCSDS Cryptographic Algorithms Test Report.docx
4/15/2013 5:27 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:22 AMTom Gannett100 KB  
ITR 131x3b1-Y CCSDS Space Link Protocols over ETSI DVB-S2 YellowBookv5.doc
3/28/2014 7:44 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:23 AMTom Gannett131 KB  
ITR 521x0b2-Y Message Abstraction Layer Prototype Test Plan and Report.doc
3/28/2014 7:47 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:12 AMTom Gannett7353 KB  
ITR 508x0b1-Y Conjunction Data Message Test Plan and Report.docx
3/28/2014 7:49 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:24 AMTom Gannett145 KB  
ITR 506x1b1-Y Delta-DOR Raw Data Exchange Format (RDEF) Data Validation.doc
3/28/2014 7:50 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:24 AMTom Gannett1222 KB  
ITR 651x1b1-Y Producer-Archive Interface Specification (PAIS)Interoperability Testing Report.pdf
3/28/2014 8:07 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:24 AMTom Gannett1498 KB  
ITR 521x1b1-Y Common Object Model Prototype Test Plan and Report.doc
3/28/2014 8:10 AMGannett Tom5/15/2018 9:25 AMTom Gannett3771 KB  
ITR 355x0b1-Y SDLS Core Protocol Interoperability Test Report.docx
5/15/2018 8:44 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:25 AMTom Gannett217 KB  
ITR 766x1b1-Y Digital Motion Imagery Interoperability Test Report.doc
5/15/2018 9:30 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:30 AMTom Gannett213 KB  
ITR 734x1b1-Y Licklider Transmission Protocol (LTP) for CCSDS Interoperability Test Report.docx
5/15/2018 9:36 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:36 AMTom Gannett1279 KB  
ITR 524x1b1-Y Mission Operations—MAL Space Packet Transport Binding and Binary Encoding Interoperability Test Report.doc
5/15/2018 9:38 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:38 AMTom Gannett1873 KB  
ITR 734x2b1-Y CCSDS Bundle Protocol Specification Interoperability Test Report.docx
5/15/2018 9:42 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:42 AMTom Gannett598 KB  
ITR 913x1b1-Y Space Link Extension—Internet Protocol for Transfer Services Interoperability Test Report.txt
5/15/2018 9:45 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:45 AMTom Gannett4 KB  
ITR 766x1b2-Y Digital Motion Imagery Interoperability Test Report.docx
5/15/2018 9:47 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:47 AMTom Gannett135 KB  
ITR 921x1b1-Y Cross Support Transfer Service—Specification Framework Interoperability Test Report.doc
5/15/2018 9:49 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:49 AMTom Gannett1839 KB  
ITR 922x1b1-Y Cross Support Transfer Services—Monitored Data Service Interoperability Test Report.doc
5/15/2018 9:51 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:51 AMTom Gannett626 KB  
ITR 524x2b1-Y Mission Operations—Message Abstraction Layer Binding to TCPIP Transport and Split Binary Enco.doc
5/15/2018 9:57 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 9:57 AMTom Gannett3386 KB  
ITR 122x0b2-Y Image Data Compression Interoperability Test Report.pdf
5/15/2018 10:02 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 10:02 AMTom Gannett149 KB  
ITR 122x1b1-Y Spectral Etc Interoperability Test Report.pdf
5/15/2018 10:04 AMTom Gannett5/15/2018 10:04 AMTom Gannett149 KB  
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